Prince's Paisley Park Set to Be Sold

Prince's Paisley Park Set to Be Sold
It appears the Prince's posthumous legacy just got even messier. According to reports, his famed Paisley Park is about to be sold — though not with his surviving family's blessing.

As TMZ reports, the famed mansion/recording studio could soon hit the market, as the bank managing Prince's estate has filed documents to make the sale.

And while Paisley Park is not up for sale yet, the documents state, "The properties that the special administrator is currently anticipating will be sold, and the appraised value of same are listed in spreadsheet attached as Exhibit A." 

UPDATE (8/8, 11 a.m. EDT): Despite reports, the administrator of Prince's estate has issued a statement denying that it plans to sell Paisley Park. Despite the property being listed in a court filing on Friday (August 5) in a list of assets that could be sold, Bremer Trust stated it "has no plans" to offload Paisley Park. The company also added the "Purple Rain house" would also not be sold.

The value for the 60,000-square-foot complex? $7 million US. And apparently, a real estate agent has already been hired to move the property.

All this being said, sources tell TMZ that Prince's heirs are hellbent on preventing the sale, as they had been hoping to turn the estate into a museum in honour of the fallen Purple One.

Built in the mid '80s, Prince would live and record at his Paisley Park compound until his death in April of an opioid overdose.