Vancouver's Prado Is Ready for Her Close-Up on 'PRADO MONROE'

BY Aly LaubePublished Jun 18, 2021

Vancouver rapper and pop artist Prado has always been vocally resistant to people forcing her into their boxes or backseat. Her personality fills up the audio and every room she performs in. She's unwaveringly proud of herself and doesn't need anyone to tell her to be, writing celebratory lines like "They used to call me a dreamer / Now they reflect off my beamer" and "I might take your bitch, I think she kinda want me."

Based around simple themes of fashion, flexing, and making your own money, PRADO MONROE, her debut EP, delivers six hook-heavy tracks in less than 20 minutes. It features her trademark lyrical flare and a dash of humour reminiscent of artists like MIA and Megan Thee Stallion (Like on "Gucci Store" quip "They said I was stupid but bitch I can spell, G-L-A-M-R-O-U-S").

The record's contagious vocal melodies and Hollywood-slick production are perfect for days when you need a boost and reminder of how hot and deserving you are. Prado is her own champion, and through her music she tries to teach listeners how to be too, leading by example using bursts of rap and sing-songy, choppy vocals as her medium.

At large, PRADO MONROE reads as a record about Prado's desires and rebellion against any confines placed upon her sexuality and personality. But closer up, it's a demonstration of her wit and vocal range. You might not know the full story behind a chorus — "I don't give a fuck if you like me, Stephen"  — but the specifics aren't necessary to feel the energy of the music and ride the wave of self-love anthems like "DRIP" and "GUCCI STORE."

When this album hits the clubs, it'll hit them hard. Prado's live performance brings energy from a squad of back-up dancers and avid fans, and that vibe is sure to extend to venues once they start opening up again. It's a record to hear through industrial-grade subwoofers, to shake your body to in a room of others dressed to the nines. PRADO MONROE is a celebration of Prado's ego, made digestible through bubbly, shiny alternative pop production.
(Independent), (tmwrk)

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