Pony Girl Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 23

Pony Girl Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 23
Photo: Connor Evans
The lush, delicate sounds of Ottawa art-rockers Pony Girl were a wonderful complement to the midday summer sun on the final day of the Arboretum Festival. If anyone wondered how well they would be able to translate the lofty, heavily textured tracks of their 2013 record Show Me Your Fears into a live set, the local six-piece left no one in doubt by the end of the afternoon. Right from the opening swell of "Sun of the Morning," the vocal harmony work between Pascal Huot and Yolande Laroche was in fine form.

Support from the intricate guitar work, ever-present keyboard ambiance, steady bass lines, and even some solo moments from a clarinet made the musical depth quite astonishing to experience in person rather than through a set of headphones. These heady moments, which made their record catch the ears of many both inside and out of Ottawa's music community, were executed with great accuracy.

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