Ponctuation "Emma" (video)

Ponctuation 'Emma' (video)
Francophone garage rockers Ponctuation give us both a grim and generous look at future days in the zombified new video for their 27 Club LP's "Emma."

Using clips from filmmaker Richard Boutet's La conspiration des lampadaires and Objectal, video director Simon Lacroix presents a post-apocalyptic vision featuring a city's worth of ring-eyed brain-munchers, though they apparently still have a mind to help out anyone in need of an extra quarter in their parking meters. There's also a few kidnappings, some time spent at the bus station, and apparently a makeout session between the undead and a blow-up doll (as seen up above).

It's a weird one, for sure, and you can see those shots and more as scored by a trashy Ponctuation rave-up down below.