PLAZAS The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 16

PLAZAS The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 16
Photo: Chris Gee
As doors still welcomed new arrivals at Wavelength's freshly rebranded Winter Festival, Toronto-via-Vancouver performer Savana Salloum-Hedgecock's PLAZAS opened the festival and greeted audiences with a cozy electric blanket of nerdy, starry synth-pop songs for social outcasts. Glimpsing all your secret inner winter hellscapes through the distant lenses of observatories and Vancouver's SkyTrain lines, PLAZAS made an intimate space of the sparsely populated room, often addressing a far off "you" and ironically beckoning the subjects of her songs to "Come to morose with me," advising, "Romantics can't help themselves / So I can't help you anymore)."
All packaged in sequined leotards, expressive dancing, and shimmering, pre-programmed sparkle-wave electronics, if you came early enough and snagged a cookie at the door, your crusty heart melted all over it.

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