​PLAZAS Premieres "Deeper Than Blue (Loji Remix)" Video

​PLAZAS Premieres 'Deeper Than Blue (Loji Remix)' Video
PLAZAS delivered her debut album Distant Desires last year, and now she's unveiled a new remix and video for LP cut "Deeper Than Blue."
The track has been remixed by Loji and given the visual treatment by Toronto director birdboy.
It's packed with colourful backgrounds and multiple incarnations of PLAZAS mastermind Savana Salloum.
"We decided to explore the daily journey of someone trying to escape their mundane reality into a fantasy world," she tells Exclaim! "In this world, they can try on as many personas as desired, and they end up getting caught up in the fun of it all."
Dive into the fun of it down below.