PinkPantheress Breaks Her Own Rule, Shares Song Longer Than Three Minutes

The lengthy "Snap My Finger" came out on Kaytranada's new album 'Timeless'

Photo: Aidan Zamiri

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jun 7, 2024

Farmers everywhere should check their pigs for wings, because PinkPantheress did the unthinkable today — dropped a song longer than three minutes and, in doing so, broke her own golden rule

Just a week after saying that "a song doesn't need to be longer than two minutes 30 [seconds]," the UK pop rising star sang on the Kaytranada-produced "Snap My Finger," which spans three minutes and 21 seconds. 

Now, to be fair, it's not as though she's never had a three-minute song before. Although a rare occurrence, her 2023 sophomore album Heaven knows did have two three-minute tracks on it. That being said, the timing is certainly funny, going from swearing off longer songs to dropping one of the exact length you said you were looking to avoid all in a 10-day span. 

"Snap My Finger" came out today as part of Kaytranada's sprawling assembly of guest stars on Timeless, which also features Childish Gambino, Anderson .Paak, Thundercat and Charlotte Day Wilson among others.

Check out "Snap My Fingers" below and find the whole Timeless project on Spotify and Apple Music

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