Pete Doherty Who the Hell is Pete Doherty?

If anyone was ever bored enough to wonder what the manic life of junkie/songwriter Pete Doherty is like than this revealing documentary will fill that void in your life. A dream come true for the British tabloids, Doherty’s constant brush with turmoil sure makes for a good read, but actually witnessing this unfortunate scumbag go about his way high as a kite, trying to break the camera shooting this film for a laugh or proclaiming he’s in "the best fucking band in the world” is tough. He obviously needs help and just isn’t getting it, and the interviewees (friends, associates, critics) seem fine pointing out his talents and troubles without showing much concern for his poisonous lifestyle. Worst of all though is hearing the subject try to explain and justify his convictions — though he is a victim of some wayward journalism and public scrutiny, he’s hardly one to have sympathy for, considering the chances he is repeatedly given by the courts, his band members, girlfriend Kate Moss, etc. But if you somehow do feel for the guy this doc will be right up your alley. If you don’t, then it’s not worth the bother, unless you want to point and laugh at this pitiable creature. (Image/Paradox)