A Perfect Murder Unbroken

Victory's track record of late has been dismal at best. With bands like Thursday, Catch 22 and horseshit like that dominating their line-up over the last few years one can't help but be sceptical when a new release from hardcore's former leader in metal-infused hardcore crosses your desk. APM starts off on the right foot by having a nice metallic Hatebreed sound and all of the sudden drops into rock riff-laden metal that Godbelow used to kick out not too long ago. While they'll admit to being big fans of Down, they still sound more like Godbelow. Mixing the chugga-chugga metalcore one second and then into some classic metal guitar harmonies and back to some decent breakdowns makes the CD a nice change from too many one dimensional bands around these days. Once again, no one will have a life changing moment here but they will get their money's worth of riffage and tempo changes to keep the CD in their player for some time to come. (Victory)