A Perfect Murder Blood Covered Words

First and foremost this album is discouraging. It’s an amalgamation of every unsophisticated aspect of modern hardcore that any capable musicians use as filler, not fuel. A Perfect Murder missed Quebec’s regular brutality train and ended up on the express to Throwdown, New York, sounding as what’s best described as a combination of Crowbar, Pantera and Hatebreed. Each song sounds almost identical, using the same structure with droning chug mania. They tie in a melodious tag after every second strum and occasionally use sloppy sounding lead guitar in an attempt to differentiate the callous, sickly vocal monotony. This album is best listened to while hammering nails into boards or while punching the floor mirror side. Apparently the mom joke grew old as they’ve laid claim to progressing towards "giving your sister nightmares.” The only one left remotely frightened is Grandma and that’s only because the double bass made her teeth chatter involuntarily. (Cyclop)