People Really Want Post Malone to Get a 'Queer Eye' Makeover

"They just think I'm ugly and smell"
People Really Want Post Malone to Get a 'Queer Eye' Makeover
Netflix's hit revival of Queer Eye has just begun filming its third season, and viewers have some suggestions for who the next makeover recipient should be — Post Malone.
Yes, Twitter is abuzz with appeals to get the Beerbongs & Bentleys rapper redone by the Fab 5, and now both Malone and Karamo Brown (the Fab 5's culture expert) are aware of the internet's strange request.
In a since deleted tweet, @tsusnami reacted to the news of Season 3 by remarking: "first episode better be with post malone."

Sweet, naïve Karamo then replied to the initial tweet, asking what all the fuss was about.
Posty himself then jumped in, explaining that "they just think I'm ugly and smell." He also shared his appreciation for the show so far and encouraged the Fab 5 to "keep crushing it."
Malone also replied to the original tweet, and seemed to deny that he smells as bad as he looks like he does.
Some of his fans beg to differ, though.
Here's hoping if Post Malone does end up on Queer Eye, it's not in Smell-O-Vision.