Parkway Drive 'Atlas' (album stream)

Parkway Drive 'Atlas' (album stream)
Australian metalcore vets Parkway Drive are back with another oppressive slab of songs titled Atlas, which Epitaph will send out to retailers October 30. Lucky for you, though, the LP is streaming a week ahead of time.

According to a press release, the album, which follows 2010's Deep Blue, finds the band reflecting on their constant travels, with global themes permeating Winston McCall's lyrics.

"The album was written at a time the band was travelling very extensively which had a major effect on the lyrics," the vocalist said in a statement. "While there is no overarching theme, the songs resonate with the travels we as a band have made, and the effects they have had. This has lead to some of the harshest, and also some of the most personal lyrical content that we've ever put to music. In every way, this record has been shaped by the experiences that shaped us a people."

The devastating thrash attack "Old Ghost / New Regrets," for instance, is said to be about "the delicate landscape of the Earth's current environment," with McCall shrieking out his concern with lyrics like, "Precious heritage laid waste before the chainsaws snarling teeth, bleed the Earth, bleed her 'til her heart no longer beats."

You can check out that track, as well as the rest of the album, below.