Paramore Break Up Fight at Toronto Concert: "What Do You Guys Think This Is, Like a Terror Show?"

Ironically, it happened during "Caught in the Middle"

Photo via @fakeplasticbee on Twitter

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 9, 2022

On Monday night (November 7), a handful of God's absolute favourite emos were lucky enough to see Paramore play an intimate show at Toronto's History. (For the rest of us, at least there's a Scotiabank Arena date on their 2023 North American tour supporting forthcoming album This Is Why.) And some couldn't even be grateful enough to act right! Bandleader Hayley Williams had to pause the set mid-show to break up a fight.

As the band were into the groove of jaunty After Laughter cut "Caught in the Middle," Williams noticed that she had indeed been caught in the middle of a rumble happening in the audience. 

Fan-shot video footage shows the vocalist ask her bandmates to stop playing and then asking the crowd, "Are you good? Is everybody okay?" While the video only shows the fallout of the fracas, Williams confirms, "Okay, we've got a fight." She added, "Oh, man. What do you guys think this is, like a Terror show?" referring to the hardcore punk band.

"We're not a hardcore band, bro. Come on," Williams went on. "We're gonna dance tonight, we're gonna have fun, or we're not gonna do it."

She then verified that the guilty parties were okay and asked if they wanted to split up. "You got me up here acting like a teacher," she joked. "Detention for everyone!"

Ms. Williams warned, "Let me tell you something, I better not have to do that again."

The singer-songwriter went on to thank the crowd for taking care of themselves and each other — something the band emphasized in their response to an apparent assault at their Utah concert last month.

The irony of this all going down during "Caught in the Middle" bears too many similarities to that time a brawl broke out at an Eagles concert during "Take It Easy" not to point out. My deepest condolences.

Watch the clip below.
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