Our Lady Peace's 'Spiritual Machines 2' Will Be Released as an NFT

The new album will be available as a non-fungible token prior to arriving on streaming services

Photo: Lindsey Blane

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 25, 2021

Canadian alt-rock mainstays Our Lady Peace are gearing up to release their forthcoming record Spiritual Machines 2 — which serves as a direct sequel to their 2000 concept album Spiritual Machines — on January 28, 2022. But before that, according to frontman Raine Maida, the album will be released as an NFT (non-fungible token).

In a new interview with Alternative Press, Maida revealed the band's plans to utilize cryptocurrency for their album rollout — as well as why he believes musicians should invest in NFTs, which he's calling "the future for artists and creators."

With the advent of digital streaming and its notoriously low royalty rates for artists, Maida says that NFTs are going to "change how we distribute music." He elaborated on how OLP are leading by example:

The way we're releasing Spiritual Machines 2 is by NFTs first to our fans. There's going to be 10,000 limited-edition NFTs — you'll get the full record, you'll get high-quality audio; you're gonna get a demo from each song, you're gonna get a one-of-one artwork; you're gonna get commentary on the song and then maybe a couple of other things. I'm excited because now we have the ability to deliver that stuff, and as a fan, you get to participate.

Maida is no stranger to the crypto space: he's involved in S!NG, an app designed to help musicians create NFTs. He spoke to Exclaim! about the project — and the music industry's NFT boom — earlier this year.

The Spiritual Machines 2 NFT is set for release this Friday (October 29).

OLP recently reimagined the cult of celebrity in their music video for "Stop Making Stupid People Famous" — the album's lead single featuring Pussy Riot.

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