Our Lady Peace and Pussy Riot Made a Song Together

Listen to "Stop Making Stupid People Famous" now

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 25, 2021

In true a collision of cultures and generations, Canadian rock lifers Our Lady Peace and Russian punk agitators Pussy Riot have teamed up to deliver a takedown of influencer culture. "Stop Making Stupid People Famous" is out now.

The song is quite different from OLP's usual alt-rock, as its dance groove recalls Let's Dance-era David Bowie or the Killers. Frontman Raine Maida said in a statement, "'SMSPF' is our anti-rock intro to the new future-leaning Our Lady Peace. Even our friend Ray Kurzweil couldn't predict we would challenge all preconceptions of what OLP is capable of."

While Our Lady Peace are singing about social media influencers, Pussy Riot have a more political take on the title phrase. The band's Nadya Tolokonnikova said in an announcement, "Today, when seven members of Pussy Riot are arrested (again) in Moscow for 15 days, and two of them are facing two years in jail, I want to reassure you that you should never give too much power and fame to stupid people like the president of my country."

Listen to the collaboration below.

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