More Than Any Other Day

BY Vish KhannaPublished Apr 25, 2014

Ought is a young punk band based in Montreal that only formed in the last couple of years but have already honed a distinctive and explosive sound, which is captured beautifully on their debut LP. With their mix of righteous but mischievous poetry and charging music and dramatic vocals, Ought have conjured one of the most refreshing and inspiring rock records of the year.

The band is fixated on working collaboratively from note one of every song, so each composition possesses a sense of discovery and freedom. When mighty opener "Pleasant Heart" drops out, it's a suspenseful respite from the careening, Dischord-era post-punk this band is clearly invested in (though they may be too young to have nostalgia for). Singer/guitarist Tim Beeler has a distinctively poetic bent, a love of language that allows him to elevate the mundane (a jarring two percent vs. whole milk debate in "Today, More Than Any Other Day") and evoke empathy on the Sonic Youth-meets-David Byrne workout that is "Habit (I feel a, I feel a)."

There are insular art-punk moves here that are as agile and impactful as any we've heard ("The Weather Song" is kinetic and cool) but there's also a rare pop-oriented accessibility (hooks!) that makes Ought a joy to revisit. More Than Any Other Day is a fucking gem.

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