The Organ Thieves

There was something about Vancouver band the Organ that turned heads. Perhaps it was the fact that all the members were female, or maybe it was their clinical retro sound, which was dominated, not surprisingly, by keyboards, but it they won acclaim even beyond Canadian shores. Despite breaking up at the end of 2006, they reunited last year to finish off the six tracks that make up their final release, Thieves. Featuring a sparse, melancholic sound that follows a similar path of the legendary Young Marble Giants, the similarities go beyond that, with both bands releasing a single album and a couple of EPs before calling it a day. In a way, this is the ideal way for things to end for the Organ. They’ve left behind a near-perfect discography, something that might not have been the case if they continued for much longer, as they never showed much in the way of evolution. Still, Thieves is a fitting climax to their brief yet fruitful time together and while there aren’t many surprises, it definitely helps provide closure for those entranced by their music. (Mint)