Old Man Luedecke "Little Stream of Whiskey" (video)

Old Man Luedecke 'Little Stream of Whiskey' (video)
Banjo-toting East Coast troubadour Old Man Luedecke has always seemed a little old-fashioned, and that's never been more true than in his new video for "Little Stream of Whiskey."

The clip shows Luedecke dressed up in medieval peasant garb while performing at a tavern. The serfs in the bar drink quietly until the entrance of a woman (or, should we say, a fair maiden), who sparks off a massive brawl with bottle-smashing galore. We won't spoil the end for you, but the singer gets in on the action once the gentle tune is finished.

Director Noah Pink said in a statement, "In this video, I was looking for a fun way to visually juxtapose the emotion of the song with a fun story. The choice of doing it as a period piece came from watching Old Man Luedecke perform live. He felt like this wise elder from another generation stuck in modern day man's body. For his first music video ever, I thought I'd put him back in the era where I believe he came from!"

The track comes from his recently released Tender Is the Night, available via True North.