Ol' Dirty Bastard "Obey Me" (Shash'U remix) (video)

Ol' Dirty Bastard 'Obey Me' (Shash'U remix) (video)
This week marks 11 years since the rap world lost Ol' Dirty Bastard, but his Wu-Tang colleagues are keeping his memory alive with a newly uncovered track called "Obey Me."
According to RZA, the song was recorded during the sessions for ODB's 1994 debut Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. He's polished it up and it's available with Boombotix's REX portable speaker.
"He was fuckin' buggin' out on this song that night," RZA told Rolling Stone. "Dirty felt that anything he made was supposed to be released. I was more critical of what we released. And even though some people may listen to his first album and go, 'Shit, this is crazy, this song fits right in.' To me, there was a method to the madness of what we did."
RZA continued: "This was just us creating with the freedom of making music and this song is definitely a glimpse into that mindset. I'm hearing Ason just be Ason and that's something I miss from him. It reminds you of the unity and camaraderie of the Wu-Tang. We cross-pollinated ourselves so much because there was a brotherhood, a community of unity of hip-hop. And this song gives me a glimpse on what made us unique and great."
The original track is accompanied by remixes from High Klassified and Shash'U. Shash'U's take on "Obey Me" can be heard now. It's paired with a video that stars ODB's son, Ol' Dirty Bastard Jr. as an actual kid in a candy store, and you can watch it in the player below.