Of Human Bondage The Goat Sessions Volume 1

Pretty cool to hear something this extreme come out of Winnipeg. Sure, the city is known for brilliant heavy bands ranging from grind (Swallowing Shit) to hardcore (Propagandhi), but where’s the raw, evil and cold black metal? Right here, on this hilariously-titled disc from Of Human Bondage. I’m placing money on the fact that the title is serious though, as this is hate-filled, primitive and extreme metal, with the only intent being to plow forth. The varying production qualities are the only real discernable difference from song to song here, at least for us mere humans; it reminds me of the best of the Moribund black metal bands. Meaning, of course, I put it on once for a good time then promptly file it away, ignoring it even in my darkest hours. Life is short and there’s only time for so much un-listenable misanthropy — even if in this case it only clocks in at a merciful 25 minutes. (Sinister Sounds)