​Odonis Odonis Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 20

​Odonis Odonis Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, August 20
Photo: Shane Parent
Call it pathetic fallacy, mood lighting or just pure talent, but as the sky turned a murky bluish-black last night (August 20), cacophonous instrumentalists Odonis Odonis added a surprisingly compatible touch of darkness to the island at Camp Wavelength.
The three Toronto musicians — Constantin Tzenos on lead vocals with Jared Gibson on synth and Denholm Whale on bass — fully embraced the abrasive sounds found on this year's well-received Post Plague. Beginning the performance with industrial horror-synth album opener "Fearless," the group continued to pound out strong electronic grime tracks, making the most of their 30-minute set.

Tzenos' piercing wail and animated live persona fused perfectly with harsh distorted bass and stark synthesizers, while the large crowd that came to see what the Toronto underground act would serve up bobbed their heads in satisfied unison.
The sheer volume of the set hit hard early on, but for those able to handle it, the post-show ear-ringing served as an infectious reminder of a band that thrashed around excitedly onstage, generating the sounds of something thrillingly apocalyptic.