Odious Mortem Cryptic Implosion

The extremities of death metal have once again been challenged by the "forward thinking” sagaciousness of Jason Tipton. Arguably the genre’s most important label, Willowtip Records was quick to seize the opportunity of adding another potent and enlightened act to their already stacked roster, recognising California’s Odious Mortem as another beacon that would continue to build their impressive legacy. Their first full-length, Devouring The Prophecy on Unique Leader Records, set the stage for their advance and Cryptic Implosion fulfils the promise foreshadowed by their rapid rise to the top. Persistent blasting and plenty of fret board sorcery in the form of tempestuous tremolo, technical shredding and even occasional groove-oriented riffing defines this record as a force to be reckoned with. The guitar solos are particularly intriguing, being precisely executed with both imagination and pertinence. Although there’s nothing easy to immediately latch on to a few more listens will decipher the hooks, bringing their brand of ferocity into a realm of its own. It comes as no surprise considering who’s releasing this record but Cryptic Implosion is extreme death metal at its finest. (Willowtip)