Obits "No Fly List" / "Suez Canal" on Exclaim! TV

Obits 'No Fly List' / 'Suez Canal' on Exclaim! TV
While in St. John's for the third annual Lawnya Vawnya music and arts festival, Exclaim! TV caught up with one of the festival's headliners, Obits, before their set at the Rock House on April 20.

Not only did Obits confirm the news that they are hard at work on a new album, but the Brooklyn punks played a couple of songs for Exclaim! TV at soundcheck. You can watch them perform "No Fly List" from their 2011 album Mood, Standard and Poor and the Sohrab Habibion sung "Suez Canal" from their 2012 seven-inch.

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Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon & Vish Khanna
Edited by Tiana Feng
Special thanks to the Rock House.