SAVAK Team Up with METZ's Hayden Menzies for "What Is Compassion?" Video

The song comes from the upcoming 'Rotting Teeth in the Horse's Mouth' LP

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 9, 2020

SAVAK are a Brooklyn-based indie rock trio featuring frontman Sohrab Habibion (formerly of Obits and Edsel) and drummer Matt Schulz (currently of Holy Fuck). Their album Rotting Teeth in the Horse's Mouth arrives this spring, and Exclaim! has the premiere of the video for "What Is Compassion?"

The song puts a spiky spin on infectious, chugging indie rock, blending skronky riffs and angular rhythms with catchy crescendos. The accompanying video was directed by Hayden Menzies, who plays drums in Toronto noise rock combo METZ. It's a free-association collage of lo-fi snippets, featuring icky-looking food and plenty of dogs.

In a statement to Exclaim!, Habibion explained that he and Menzies have been friends for years, and he explained how the METZ member got involved in directing the quirky video:

Hayden has been posting short tour videos on his Instagram account that are absolutely brilliant. They are collages of random moments in the van or hotel or venue or rest stop. Quick montages of a close-up of somebody's eye, a piece of fruit rolling around, a TV show clip, shutters being opened and closed, whatever. They manage to be hilarious while accurately documenting the mostly unspoken monotony of a life spent on the road. You really do need a robust sense of humour and an appreciation for the absurd if you're going to survive traveling around in a band.

Check it out below. SAVAK's Rotting Teeth in the Horse's Mouth arrives on April 10 through Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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