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Kid Koala

The Rock House, St. John's NF, April 21

> > Apr 22 2013

Kid Koala - The Rock House, St. John's NF, April 21
By Vish KhannaWho better to close out the third annual Lawnya Vawnya festival than Canada's jolliest, most remarkable DJ? The kid came out of his corner swinging, with three turntables ready to serve their master, producing a thunderous cinematic sequence to kick off his DJ set. His friends the Beastie Boys popped up in the form of sequences from "So What'cha Want" and "Pass the Mic," and he blended in some material by the Slew as well. When not bursting into his distinctive giggle and cross-Canada smile, Kid Koala kept the room amped with his turntable acrobatics and a heavy emphasis on party-starting beats and jams by the White Stripes and Outkast among others. The energy was bonkers, like nothing else featured at the fest. He led an aerobics class for four-year-olds, getting the entire room to dance to his Yo Gabba Gabba remix, eliciting pure joy from the crowd. "This is the first festival I've ever headlined so props to St. John's for that," he said during a rare break. Seriously? Who follows Kid Koala? No one in Newfoundland ever again I bet.

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This show was awesome, I went with mild interest not knowing what to expect, walked out as a fan with a copy of 12 Bit Blues and a new appreciation for turntablism. Both openers were great too.
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