NYSSA Finds Fresh Excitement in Classic Rock on 'Shake Me Where I'm Foolish'

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BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 1, 2024

On Halloween 2022, I saw NYSSA front a Doors cover band as part of the annual Death to T.O concert, and her howling, ferocious interpretation opened my eyes to the possibility that maybe the Doors don't completely suck after all.

Her original material at the time was synth-driven new wave pop, so I'm thrilled that she's now gone in the direction of her incredible Jim Morrison cosplay. There are distinct traces of the Doors in the newly released Shake Me Where I'm Foolish, particularly in the mythological epic "My Gemini," as well as Lou Reed's swagger, David Bowie's '70s glam and Patti Smith's theatrical punk poetry.

It's pure classic rock, full of supernatural lyrics, clanging guitars and NYSSA cutting loose with her giddy vibrato. It's a totally over-the-top rendition of retro-sounding music, finding fresh excitement in rock 'n' roll's past.

(Six Shooter)

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