NOFX Prep '126 Inches of NOFX' Singles Box Set

NOFX Prep '126 Inches of NOFX' Singles Box Set
On top of their 11 full-length albums, classic West Coast punkers NOFX have issued a ton of seven-inches over the years, and the band will be preserving the bulk of those singles on an upcoming box set.

A press release from bassist Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords imprint explains that the band have prepped a massive package for their fans called 126 Inches of NOFX, and it will be unsheathed April 24. That's the bare-bones artwork up above.

While details have yet to be delivered in full, the box will contain 17 previously released singles, including 1992's Louise & Liza, 1994's Don't Call Me White, 1996's All of Me, 1999's Timmy the Turtle, 2000's Pods & Gods, and 2003's 13 Stitches. The collection will also include an exclusive piece of wax in the form of the previously reported "fucking terrible" Thalidomide Child demo from 1984.

"It's going to be an eight-song seven-inch and only one of the songs has ever been heard before," Fat Mike told Exclaim! last year. "You'll hear. It's pretty fucking terrible. It's cool, it was recorded in 1984, so it's kind of cool."

Pre-orders are being taken now for both standard and special editions, with each platter in the latter being pressed on special, limited colours.