Noel Gallagher Trashes Radiohead in New Interview

BY Josiah HughesPublished Nov 5, 2015

If there's a more incisive, ruthless and verbose music critic than Noel Gallagher, we've yet to meet them. The former Oasis bruv simply does not mince words when it comes to discussing other people's work. After trashing EDM earlier this year, he's back to taking shots at alternative rock — specifically, the work of Radiohead.

As the new cover star of Esquire UK, Gallagher opened up about the wonders of being a musical "gobshite," as well as being "the last of a dying breed" of rockstars. When asked about Britain's rock'n'roll hierarchy, conversation quickly turned to Radiohead.

"I'm aware that Radiohead have never had a fucking bad review," Gallagher said. "I reckon if Thom Yorke fucking shit into a light bulb and started blowing it like an empty beer bottle it'd probably get 9 out of 10 in fucking Mojo. I'm aware of that."

In fairness, we'd also love to hear Yorke take on that specific project.

When asked about writing "Don't Look Back in Anger," Gallagher said he wouldn't have done it if he'd known it would be played at funerals. He added that according to the Guardian, there are other songwriters who are better than him.

Without provocation, he went back to Radiohead. "Have other people's songs ever really touched a generation, though? Radiohead? When do people listen to them? Is it when they go out, or is it when they come in? Because I'm struggling to think."

He continued: "Look, as soon as Thom Yorke writes a song as good as fucking 'Mony Mony,' give us a fucking shout. Me and my missus, we were at the Coachella festival a couple of years ago and Radiohead were headlining. We were like, 'Right, let's give them one more chance. Let's go and see them.' Beautiful, sunny night. We walked out through the crowd as they came on, and they were playing this post-techno: 'de-de de de.' We were a bit pissed. Fucking great. And then he started singing. No. Not for us. We're party people."

Despite the constant Radiohead blasts, however, Gallagher also exhibits a surprising amount of humility in the article. He admits he'll never write a song as good as "Don't Look Back in Anger," adding, "I guess it's like any writer — not that I consider myself "a writer" because they are the fucking most boring cunts in the world — but, as a writer you surely always think that your best work is in front of you, even though I'm self-aware enough to realize it's probably fucking behind me."

Read the full Noel Gallagher interview here.


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