NOBRO Baby G, Toronto ON, April 19

NOBRO Baby G, Toronto ON, April 19
Photo: Shane Parent
Montreal power trio NOBRO do not mess around. Within seconds of starting their high-energy CMW set at the Baby G, it was immediately obvious that all three members — singer/guitarist Marianna Flo, singer/bass player Kathryn McCaughey and drummer Sarah Dion — have some serious musical chops that each is eager to show off.
What was more impressive, though, was how well-incorporated their flashy playing was into tight-knit rockers like "Call the Doctor." Flo and McCaughey would regularly meet up mid-stage, facing one another as their hair flew out in every direction as Dion anchored the proceedings (she didn't even miss a beat when her bass drum pedal broke mid-song).
Though there are some obvious punk influences here, their sound finds a happy midpoint between Thin Lizzy melodicism and Motörhead's aggression. Unfortunately, the vocals were buried in the mix for much of the performance, obscuring Flo and McCaughey's tuneful singing. Nevertheless, their propulsive fury proved more than capable of making up for the technical flaws.