Nine Inch Nails Beside You In Time

While the onstage exuberance and passion shown by Trent Reznor’s late ’90s line-up are all but lost, this group is that much tighter for it. How this release compares with the And All That Could Have Been DVD depends on what you look for in a live act: excitement and theatrics or professionalism and focus. Here, Trent’s current back-up group seems largely unenthused, particularly during some of the selected older material, and there are occasional arrangement choices that are of contestable quality. While the main concert footage focuses mostly on With Teeth-era material, the bonus features offer a number of other random tracks, as well as some live rehearsal footage, recent music videos and an image gallery. With its low price tag, Beside You In Time is a solid purchase for fans but is not without its flaws. (Nothing)