Nicki Minaj Yeets Object Thrown at Her Back into Crowd

Photo: Rolling Loud/John Cotter

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 22, 2024

Starships were not the only thing flying at Nicki Minaj's Detroit stop on her Pink Friday 2 world tour, where the rapper hurled something that was thrown at her back into the crowd.

A video from Saturday's (April 20) concert at Little Caesars Arena shows an unidentified object being thrown on stage while Minaj was performing. Though it missed her, she walked over to where it landed and yeeted it back at her audience with the same passion she has for her cousin's friend's balls. Watch it happen below.

Though the phenomenon of people throwing stuff at musicians has slightly waned, it was a big weekend for people with no concert etiquette. Luke Bryan slipped on a fan's phone while performing yesterday (April 21). We simply implore all concertgoers to please be normal for the sake of your fave's health and safety.

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