Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Is "Ready for the World to Hate Us Again"

The frontman thinks that, like their new album, the hate train should 'Get Rollin''

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Nov 18, 2022

Today, modern CanRock titans Nickelback return to action with new album Get Rollin', their first LP in five years. Now, after the time away and with 10 albums under their belt, it appears frontman Chad Kroeger may have missed all the amusing jabs, if not outright vitriol, about the band and their music.

Speaking with Audacy, Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peake were appreciative of host Carlota Gonzalez's comment that lead single "San Quentin" is a total earworm — panic chords and all. This lead the frontman to share with a laugh, "You know, we joke about it all the time. I'm like, 'I'm ready for the world to hate us again.'"

"They're starting to love you," Gonzalez offered, to which Kroeger responded, "Ryan says that all the time. He says, 'I think there's been a softening.'"

Whether we're in the mood to get rockin' or get rollin', we at Exclaim! feel it, too. This author regularly points to how infallible the A-Side of the 'Back's 2001 album Silver Side Up actually is, and with the band's induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame coming in 2023, they're poised to fully cement their place in CanRock canon — fully making their "Rockstar" wishes come true.

Still rocking these many years later, Kroeger and Peake were asked that if they were a superhero, what their power would be. Kroeger answered, "We would be Captain Whipping Boy, and we would be able to take more shit than anyone."

That includes derision from listeners who may have their moral sensibilities ruffled by a song like "Figured You Out," from 2003 album The Long Road. Kroeger remarked, "Can you imagine if we released a song starting off with 'I like your pants around your feet' now? We'd be cancelled in two seconds."

You can hear Get Rollin' in the players below. Exclaim! previously chronicled just how much shit the band have taken with The World vs. Nickelback: A History of Hate.

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