Nickelback Put It Bluntly on New Country-Funk Single "High Time"

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 15, 2022

At long last, we understand what Nickelback meant by Get Rollin' — the title of their first new album in five years, due this Friday (November 17). To celebrate ahead of tonight's Toronto album release show, they've revealed the stone(d)-cold truth with the release of blazing new single "High Time," and it's about exactly what it sounds like.

If it wasn't clear from the coughing intro, the stuffed-pipe of double-entendre clichés about the grass being greener and seeing the forest for the trees (through the purple haze, mind you) ought to get you there. Onwards from the heavy-as-hell "San Quentin," this strain is a little something the experts at your local dispensary call some overwrought euphemism for country-funk — maybe "Red-Eyed Joe"?

That's all to say that it's a boot stomper. With a slight Southern twang, Chad Kroeger croons, "Only way that this can last / If you got ass, the grass or gas." Look out, TikTok.

Nickelback are definitely waking and baking in their release week so far, having been unveiled yesterday (November 13) as one of the headliners for Boots and Hearts 2023 and performers at next year's JUNO Awards.

Watch the lyric video below to puff-puff-pass every word with your buds ahead of tonight's concert.

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