Nickelback Fans Exist, and You Can See Them in the "San Quentin" Video

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Sep 14, 2022

Last month, we issued a collective gasp when Nickelback declared that they wanted you to be in their new music video. Yes, you! And apparently, you showed up and showed out: the notoriously notorious rockers have officially released the video for their heavy-as-hell new track "San Quentin," featuring throngs of devotees.

Filmed at Simon Fraser University's Convocation Mall in Burnaby, BC, the clip features an impromptu performance from the band, which sends everyone in the surrounding area flocking en masse. As one does.

Gen Z is well-represented (who knew?), with one particularly fervent fan even driven to shirtlessness. There's also a cameo from TikTok's Kristina Collins (a.k.a. KallMeKris), who, according to press materials, has been "participating in viral banter with Nickelback in recent months on the platform."

"San Quentin" is the lead single from their forthcoming 10th studio album Get Rollin' — their first new record in five years.

Watch Nickelback fans get loud and proud below.


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