Neil Young Shares Fifth Edition of His "Fireside Sessions"

Neil Young Shares Fifth Edition of His 'Fireside Sessions'
While we're starting to lose track of the time in the mundane and confusing time that is life under quarantine, we can also measure the days via new measures. For example, we're now up to five editions of Neil Young's "Fireside Sessions."

The acoustic performances, or "sessions" if you will, are filmed beside a fire, or "fireside" if you will, by Young's wife Daryl Hannah

This time around, Young's 37-minute performance included multiple tracks from Silver & Gold, a song from Harvest Moon and, notable, the "live" debut of the Zuma song "Through My Sails."

Watch the artist's latest "Fireside Sessions" concert in full over at his Neil Young Archives website.

Young previously aired the firstsecondthird and fourth instalments of the isolation streams to encourage fans to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic