Mountain Dust Seven Storms

Mountain Dust Seven Storms
When you have a group of seasoned hardcore and metal veterans come together, what kind of music would you expect? Apparently, it's something completely different. Mountain Dust's Seven Storms is a brooding proto-metal release that will appeal to a much wider audience.
From the outset, vocalist Brendan Mainville stands out as a combination of Danzig and Type O Negative's Peter Steele. His voice, unlike many heavy music records, is able to be the main melodic force throughout the album. Don't think for a second that this record is thin on riffs, though. "Inside the Rift" and "Into the Depths" contain some serious Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats vibes. It's nice to hear a heavy band that don't rely on guitar to carry their record.
The keyboards are the most important instrument on this record. Often seen as a corny instrument reminiscent of the '80s, keyboards are a much needed textural element on Seven Storms. The keyboards and lap-steel create the bedrock needed for the rest of the band to explore and expand their sound.
From the outset, Mountain Dust work in a way that they shouldn't. If you're looking for heavy music that branches into unconventional genres, you should look into Seven Storms. (Kosmik Artifactz)