Mountain Dust "Evil Deeds" (video)

Mountain Dust 'Evil Deeds' (video)
Mountain Dust bring together members of hardcore and metal vets like Trigger Effect, Beat Cops and Barnburner, forging their collective experience into a sound that delivers a mix of Southern-style blues vocals, stoner metal riffs and chugging rhythms. They unleashed their latest LP Nine Years last year, and now a track from that record has been treated to a video.
"Evil Deeds" has been paired with a trippy clip that features performance footage of the band, overlaid with additional colourful, kaleidoscope-esque shots of the members in action.
The video was directed by David Don't and takes its inspiration from some historical rock'n'roll footage.
"The video was inspired by a very particular '70s Black Sabbath video that used to air late at night in the '90s," the band's Patrick Bennett tells Exclaim! "You can find it easily now thanks to YouTube, but back then it was my only way to access something as heavy as Black Sabbath, '70s hard rock, and dark psychedelic imagery in general. It's from a German TV show, and I've always thought the music equipment, the symbolism, and hell, even the hair and the clothes are all so iconic! I brought the idea to David Don't who was really excited and inspired by it."
You can see the result of their creative collaboration by watching the video for "Evil Deeds" below.