​Morrissey Walks Offstage Mid-Concert in Tucson

A second show has now been cancelled over health concerns
​Morrissey Walks Offstage Mid-Concert in Tucson
Morrissey's live shows have been plagued by cancellations and foul-mouthed hecklers in the recent past (not to mention questionable merch offerings), and the former Smiths singer's latest gig didn't go particularly smoothly either.
Playing Tucson, AZ, Monday night (April 10), Moz left the stage during "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and was unable to return for the remainder of the show.

UPDATE (4/12, 7:30 p.m. EDT): Morrissey has now cancelled his scheduled show tonight in San Antonio over health concerns. A statement from venue Tobin Center reads as follows:

This event has been cancelled. Following health concerns stemming from Morrissey's appearance in Tucson, it is with great sadness that tonight's sold out engagement in San Antonio at the Tobin Center is cancelled to allow him to fully recuperate. Your purchase will be refunded to the original transaction credit card, or if purchased by cash or check a check will be mailed to the name and address on the original transaction.

His bewildered bandmates finished the song and followed him backstage, with one member from the group returning to inform fans that Morrissey had lost his voice and the show was over.
"His voice is shot. You heard it, you heard it," he told the crowd. "He's been trying, he's trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is shot. We're sorry. He's sorry. You know he tried."
A spokesperson has since issued a statement, which reads:
He sends his love and apologies. He is SO embarrassed. He has expressed this since we stepped off stage. I've hugged him and his voice has been reduced to a whisper. My heart is broken but if this is the worst, thank the Lord. We'll take care of him. He tried … he would have NEVER come out if didn't think he could have. He tried. His voice is gone. But he's not. Just a bit of rest for his voice. Please understand. He is human.
After the first song in Tucson, Moz reportedly told the crowd that he had "left half my mouth in Guadalajara," referencing a recent gig in Mexico. He added, "But I will sing — and if I must I will drop dead."
Despite the valiant sentiment, Morrissey opted to cut the show after five songs rather than dropping dead.
Watch fan-shot footage from what turned out to be the final song of the performance below.