Moon King Theme for Moon King

The former Spiral Beach pair, Toronto's Daniel Woodhead and Maddy Wilde, are now Moon King. Under their new moniker, the pair have created a brand of future folk (as they dub it) that melds jittery drum machines with twangy, strummed guitars and joyously hollered vocals. Seven-inch single "Theme for Moon King" adds the catchy title track to newly recorded versions of "Old" and "Dead," songs that originally appeared in lo-fi iterations on the Big Dumb Blue Angel EP. Though some of the fun is missing from the newer versions ― "Old," in particular, is a little too slowed down ― they sound better and show Woodhead and Wilde upgrading from a rickety, slapdash recording style to one that's more attentive to detail, and deliberate. It could be the final ingredient the pair needed to catch a few more ears. If you aren't listening yet, now's the time to start. (Daps)