Mondo Treats James Horner's 'Wrath of Khan' Score to Deluxe Vinyl Pressing

Mondo Treats James Horner's 'Wrath of Khan' Score to Deluxe Vinyl Pressing
We're generally used to the Mondo imprint pumping up its annual MondoCon event, but now sci-fi and soundtrack fans alike should brace themselves for the arrival of Mondo's Khan. The next score the company is putting onto wax is James Horner's work for early '80s flick Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Via Birth.Movies.Death., Mondo confirmed that it's about to press a double-LP edition of Horner's score to the 1982 entry into the Star Trek film franchise. Original, single LP pressings of the soundtrack are still widely available and affordable, but Mondo has given the release its special, juiced-up treatment.

Sonically, the set was remastered by James Plotkin, and the records arrive as an expanded set of 23 themes and cues chronicling Captain Kirk and the rest of the Starfleet's war with the tyrannical, mind-controlling Khan.

Specially curated artwork has been crafted for the package by Matt Taylor, with the gatefold release featuring an insert and liner notes from Devin Faraci. The vinyl itself comes on multi-coloured wax, with the labels featuring the iconic Starfleet insignia.

Copies of the score are set to go on-sale through Mondo's website on January 13. Until then, you can let a bit of Horner's score burrow deep into your brain, like a worm crawling into Chekov's ear, via the player down below.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:

1. Main Title
2. Surprise on Ceti Alpha V
3. Khan's Pets
4. The Eels of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk in Space Shuttle
5. Enterprise Clears Moorings
6. Chekov Lies
7. Spock
8. Kirk Takes Command / He Tasks Me
9. Genesis Project
10. Surprise Attack
11. Kirk's Explosive Reply
12. Inside Regula I
13. Brainwashed
14. Captain Terrell's Death
15. Buried Alive
16. The Genesis Cave
17. Battle In The Mutara Nebula
18. Enterprise Attacks Reliant
19. Genesis Countdown
20. Spock (Dies)
21. Amazing Grace
22. Epilogue / End Title
23. Epilogue (Original Version) / End Title