Mondo Treats James Horner's 'Aliens' Score to Deluxe Vinyl Release

Mondo Treats James Horner's 'Aliens' Score to Deluxe Vinyl Release
It's been said that in space, no one can hear you scream. Thankfully, earth-bound soundtrack fans can let their shrieks of joy be heard loud and clear now that Mondo have officially unveiled plans to deliver a vinyl version of James Horner's score to 1986 action-horror classic, Aliens.

A blog post from Mondo confirms that the platter officially lands during the San Diego Comic Con, which runs July 9 to 12.

The label explains that this deluxe edition vinyl release features a dozen cues not previously available on vinyl editions of the score, as well as five bonus tracks. A truncated collection of cues had been issued on vinyl in 1986, with a fuller score landing on CD in 2001. Of Horner's material, Mondo note that his Aliens score delivers "the suspense and horror that the franchise is known for, with an element of fun that is unique to this entry."

The score to the James Cameron-directed sequel to 1979's Alien comes with new, xenomorph-manned artwork from Kilian Eng. As you'll see up above, the flick-referencing art features the sight of the alien and a smattering of gun-toting Weyland-Yutani employees scattered across a techno-organic space station landscape.

Eng said in a statement: "I wanted the alien to play a big role but at the same time incorporate its shape into the materials of the space station, almost like it becomes the station itself, keeping the marines in a steady merciless grip."

Two variants are being pressed up, with one slab of wax appearing on blue-and-black swirl "Queen" vinyl. The "Power Loader" copies come on "yellow withe black stripe."

Though the limited edition release will initially be made available to Comic Con attendees, Mondo confirms that "remaining inventory will end up online."

Earlier this year, Mondo teased fans with the possibility of issuing a separate release for Jerry Goldsmith's score to the original Alien. An exclusive movie poster designed by Tyler Stout noted at the bottom of the print: "Soundtrack Available On Mondo Records." The company has yet to issue the score.

Aliens - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. Main Title
2. Bad Dreams
3. Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror
4. LV-426
5. Combat Drop
6. The Complex
7. Atmosphere Station
8. Med.Lab.
9. Newt
10. Sub-Level 3
11. Ripley's Rescue
12. Face Huggers
13. Futile Escape
14. Newt Is Taken
15. Going After Newt
16. The Queen
17. Bishop's Countdown
18. Queen To Bishop
19. Resolution And Hyperspace
20. Bad Dreams (Alternate) *
21. Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only) *
22. LV-426 (Alternate Edit - Film Version) *
23. Combat Drop (Percussion Only) *
24. Hyperspace (Alternate Ending) *

* Bonus tracks