Live in Cartoon Motion

BY Sari DelmarPublished Jan 25, 2008

Despite the fact that Mika may be too flamboyant to make anyone feel comfortable, tons of little girls love him. His live set at the L’Olympia in Paris will prove such is true, as he performed his piano pop to a stadium filled with 13-year-old girls jumping on top of each other. Mika’s set is basic and his stage set up is pretty rock; he and his full live band simply rip through his catchy songs, occasionally shimmying across the stage with his silver sneakers to max out the theatricality. When the band cover "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These),” the set hits its peak of excitement and Mika’s back up band turn out to be quite adept at guitar soloing. He ends off with smash hit "Lollipop,” dressed in a big bird/chicken costume, and the crowd convulses. The rest of the DVD is stacked with the usual fodder: music videos and a documentary on the band. "I take the comparisons to Freddy Mercury as a huge compliment,” Mika admits in an interview and as a viewer, I feel a little relieved to hear he’s at least aware of such comparisons. While not totally impressed with the pop prince’s interviewing skills and live antics, I didn’t feel it was a complete waste of 150 minutes.
(Island Records)

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