Live in Cartoon Motion

BY Marinko JarebPublished May 24, 2008

UK artist Mika had a quick rise to fame last year with catchy pop tunes sung in a flamboyant falsetto and dynamic style. The Live in Cartoon Motion DVD contains an energetic live show in Paris, an hour-long tour documentary in various European cities, all the videos from the debut album (Life in Cartoon Motion) and three acoustic songs performed solo, seated at a piano. Footage from the Paris show is very well produced and captures the spirit of Mika live. The most interesting segment on this disc is the documentary. Along with clips from shows and bits with band members, there is plenty with Mika, talking about touring life, singing with a sore throat and the general grind of being a star. For a pop musician, Mika takes himself a bit seriously, musing endlessly about being known for more than just one hit, how he grew up and the tedium of answering the same questions by journalists in every city. There is a funny bit where he talks about the furry animal costumes on stage and how it isn’t a sexual fetish, but it stems from an inspired moment in Montreal. One thing is certain: Mika’s original songs far outshine his talent for covers.

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