Michael Cera No Longer in Mister Heavenly, but He Never Really Was

Michael Cera No Longer in Mister Heavenly, but He Never Really Was
Just before the release of Mister Heavenly's debut disc Out of Love next week, the indie rock supergroup have confirmed that actor Michael Cera is no longer playing bass for them. While the star handled four-string duties for the band on a string of shows last year, he won't be playing on their upcoming tour. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to fans, though, as it's been pointed out that dude was never really in the band to begin with.

The band's publicist has likely had to field the question more than once, but recently told L.A. Weekly that while Cera participated in the group's earliest gigs, it was never meant to be a full-time thing.

"[He] did not record nor was he ever a permanent member of the band," the publicist said of Cera, "just a friend of the band who was helping them out when they were in need of a bassist."

A recent interview with singer/Man Man member Honus Honus also hinted that adding the teen heartthrob to the lineup may have been a bit of a drag.

"Michael is a buddy, never toured before, good bass player but he's not playing on the album," he told Spinner. "When the band formed a year ago, we thought it would be fun to have him on the road but it's been kind of a distraction. I hate the girls screaming 'Michael.'"

So there you have it: if you were planning on getting your Scott Pilgrim soundtracks signed by the Sex Bob-omb bassist, you might want to send them to his fan club.