Mister Heavenly "Bronx Sniper" (video)

Mister Heavenly 'Bronx Sniper' (video)
Supergroup Mister Heavenly is made up Honus Honus (Man Man), Nicholas Thorburn (Islands, the Unicorns) and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, the Shins), so it's no surprise that they know how to string together some kick-ass indie rock. Now, with the release of the "Bronx Sniper" clip, they've proven they know how to make an awesome music video too.

The vid really kicks off when a boy's denim-vest-wearing doll comes to life and rallies the rest of his gang to terrorize the kid's parents. The house is utterly trashed as the gang (who go by the name Man Wolfs) kick down walls, ski down staircases and throw cantaloupes.

Check out the hilarious video for Mister Heavenly's "Bronx Sniper" below.

Mister Heavenly's Out of Love is out now on Sub Pop.