M.I.A., RATM, Björk Backstage Riders Revealed

M.I.A., RATM, Björk Backstage Riders Revealed
Oh the joys of the internet. Where else could you find such useless but highly entertaining information as what’s on a pop star’s rider? You know, riders? Those lists of delicacies that celeb musicians request for their backstage entertainment. Things like fancy fizzy drinks, A-list cheeses, import beers and those oh-so-lovable little finger sandwiches.

Now, thanks to some digging by The Smoking Gun, we have a fresh new batch of star riders to snicker at, such as those belonging to Björk, Rihanna, Rage Against the Machine and M.I.A.

And while the best laughs to be had here are by going directly to the source, here are some of the items requested by Rage Against the Machine, whose apparent new calling card is "Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me, without 24 bottles of Snapple and ten bars of white soap.”

A sampling of Rage Against the Machine’s rider:

6 x pairs of tube socks
6 x pairs of cotton boxer shorts (4 x large, 2 x medium)
1 x bottle Stages Leap Merlot of Cabernet
10 x bars of white soap
2 x bottles of Dom Perignon Moet et Chandon chamagne
1 x Veuve Cliquot champagne
1 x continuous supply of hot water
1 x large quality of QUALITY quacamole
1 x large bag of tortilla chips
12 x Snapple LEMON iced tea
12 x Snapple GREEN TEA iced tea
1 x bottle of Jack Daniel’s
1 x pints of almond milk