Lights' Drummer Plays RATM's "Bulls on Parade" After Never Hearing It Before, Absolutely Crushes It

Come wit' it now!

Photo: Ming Wu

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 4, 2024

You know Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade"? Of course you do — everyone does! Drummer Jess Bowen (of Lights, the Summer Set and Alice Glass) somehow didn't, but she did an amazing job playing along after hearing a drum-free version just one time.

She performed the song as part of Drumeo's video series Hearing Songs for the First Time. The hosts played her a drum-free version of the Grammy-nominated rap metal song, which comes from 1996's Evil Empire, and she confirmed she had never heard before.

After one listen, she played along — and, while she didn't play drummer Brad Wilk's parts exactly the same, she got pretty damn close in some sections.

"Just hearing it, it's very straight forward," she said at the end of the clip, after finally listening to RATM's song with the drums included. "I was trying to make it way too complicated." Notably, she wasn't able to predict the breaks, meaning that she played through the parts where the drums drop and only the guitar remains.

Watch Bowen play along to "Bulls on Parade" below.

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