Metric Shed Light on Upcoming Album

Metric Shed Light on Upcoming Album
In the two years since 2009's Fantasies, Metric have been promoting the album like crazy, most recently unveiling a Fantasies Flashbacks box set featuring fan-made remixes. Now, the Toronto, ON-based outfit have set their sights on the future and begun work on a new album.

In an interview with The Grid TO, singer Emily Haines opened up about the sessions, which are currently underway at Toronto's Giant Studios.

"We're giving it everything we got, as usual," she said. "You can expect a lot of energy and a lot of rock'n'roll. It's been a great process and it's been nice to be back in Toronto for a while and off the road."

Giant Studios is run by Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw. "We had a chance to put more energy into our space," Haines said of the facility. "The band are completely obsessed with vintage gear, so we really stockpiled and created the world we want in our studio."

There's no word as to exactly when the album will be done and in stores, but the frontwoman hinted, "We're getting close, we're really excited."

When the album arrives, it will be the band's fifth LP (including 2007's retroactively released Grow Up and Blow Away).