Meshuggah Tease New Album via Trailer

Meshuggah Tease New Album via Trailer
While Meshuggah have spent the past few years celebrating their back catalogue with some reissues, it's apparently time for the groove-heavy djent crew to blast us with some new tracks. The band are now teasing that a full-length release, their first in four years, will touch down sometime this fall.

Not much has been coughed up in the way of details just yet, but the Swedish metal force announced the impending arrival of their next LP today (May 12). It's currently being teased with a blip of new music that specializes in hard chugged riffs and elastic drum fills.

As you'll see down below, the teaser vid also shows off a few pictures of the band working in the studio before announcing that the record is due sometime this fall. A European tour with High on Fire has also been announced, with the details of the tour route available over here.

Meshuggah haven't released an album of original material since 2012's Koloss. They did, however, kick off a reissue campaign for their albums in 2013 and delivered an expanded edition of their I EP in 2014.

The band also celebrated 25 years of punishment with a 2015 tour that brought them to Toronto, as well as Heavy Montreal event. You'll find Exclaim!'s review of the latter over here.