Meneguar I Was Born At Night

Originally released last year on Magic Bullet, Meneguar’s debut CD has found a new, unexpected home on the oft-noise/experimental pushing Troubleman Unlimited label. Truth be told, this Brooklyn-based quartet are miles away from any acts on the label’s roster, which is partly why this (re)release is so interesting. There is a real divide in the band’s sound that causes a mental tug-o-war as you try and pinpoint just what the songs remind you of. With all cards on the table, the bouncy rhythms and manic guitar-play brings to mind the hastier work of Bloc Party with a throwback to the more angular ’90s battalion of American indie rock. Jarvis Taveniere’s vocals are of a whole different sort, however, adopting the riled diction of more pronounced acts like the Hold Steady and the late Mclusky. With these elements working together, Meneguar have developed a formula that slips grooves into aggravated art rock, devoid of fashion and posturing. "House of Cats” puts their best foot forward, matching up offsetting tempo shifts with infectious gang chants, while "The Temp” shows their talent for writing an anthem that could take this venture beyond the underground. Meneguar have a feverish collection of songs in I Was Born At Night that are executed with style, diversity and power. Now how about that second record? (Troubleman)